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Presentation dates:    Every other Thursday.  Presentations are roughly 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions.

If you would like to give a presentation, please contact Mark Petersen, Wuyin Lin or Jill Chengzhu Zhang (primary seminar coordinators) or one of the other deputy group leads (Susannah BurrowsJennifer Holm, Sarat Sreepathi, Claudia Tebaldi, Nicole Jeffery, Gautam BishtSusannah Burrows  Steven Brus, Andrew Roberts) and we will add you to the schedule

Phase 3 all-hands presentations, Spring 2024

Presentation Date (Thursdays 8:30PT/11:30ET)


institutionemailE3SM contactTitle Presentation Meeting Page  


Peter CaldwellLLNLcaldwell19@llnl.govPeter Caldwell

Organizational Strategies that Helped SCREAM Win the Gordon Bell

2024-01-25 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Luca BertagnaSandia National Labslbertag@sandia.govLuca Bertagna"The Simple Cloud-Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model Running on the Frontier Exascale System"2024-02-15 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Chris TeraiLLNLterai1@llnl.govChris TeraiSCREAM's climate sensitivity and skill in representing the present-day climate2024-02-29 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Peter BogenschutzLLNL bogenschutz1@llnl.govPeter BogenschutzThe Regionally Refined Mesh and Doubly-Periodic Configurations: Running SCREAM Without Breaking the Bank2024-03-14 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Cancelled for spring break

 Aaron DonahueLLNLdonahue5@llnl.govAaron DonahueEAMxx infrastructure: Designing a next generation global atmosphere model2024-04-11 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Daniel McCoyU Wyomingdaniel.mccoy@uwyo.eduSusannah BurrowsPROCEEDing from surface to sensitivity: confronting a perturbed parameter ensemble with ARM observations2024-06-06 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Steven BrusANLsbrus@anl.govSteven BrusECRP Overview2024-05-23 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes

TC Chakraborty

Pacific Northwest National Lab

Mark Petersen, Wuyin Lin

ECRP Overview

2024-06-06 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes

reserved for potential internal meeting


Dan Lu

Oak Ridge National Lab

Mark Petersen, Wuyin Lin

ECRP Overview


Reserved, week before Multi-program meeting


Reserved, week after Multi-program meeting

 Johannes Mülmenstädt Pacific Northwest National

Susannah Burrows

Johannes Mülmenstädt

aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) in E3SM and other GCMs

Benjamin Sulman

Oak Ridge National Lab

Mark Petersen, Wuyin Lin

ECRP updatee


Rich Fiorella

Los Alamos National Lab

Mark Petersen, Wuyin Lin

TBD; ECRP Overview talk, update to water tracer talk from 2023

Note: Leadership team meeting, week of Sept 30




reserved: All-hands meeting, week of Nov 4

 reserved, week before Thanksgiving

 Joao TeixeiraUCLA and JPLteixeira@jpl.nasa.govMark Petersen, Wuyin LinEDMF project
 reserved, week before Christmas

February 2025Wieslaw MaslowskiNaval Postgraduate Schoolmaslowsk@nps.eduMark Petersen,Arctic-Refined and Eddy-Resolving E3SM Ocean and Sea Ice Model to Advance Understanding of Oceanic Forcing of Sea Ice

Phase 3 all-hands presentations, 2023

Presentation Date (Thursdays 8:30PT/11:30ET)


institutionemailE3SM contactTitle Presentation Meeting Page  Presenter Confirmed
-Phase 3 Reporting Tutorial2023-02-09 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)

Benjamin Wagman and Andrew Yarger


Auto Tuning
Sean SantosPNNL

A new cloud microphysics scheme using a Bayesian data-driven approach

Hui Wan

PNNLhui.wan@pnnl.govWuyin Lin

PAESCAL SciDAC5 project overview

2023-04-13 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Richard Fiorella
LANLrfiorella@lanl.govIsotopes2023-04-27 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)


Andrew Gettelman


PPE and emulators

Gautam BishtPNNLgautam.bisht@pnnl.govMark PetersenSciDAC
 Luke Van RoekelLANLlvanroekel@lanl.govMark PetersenSciDAC
 Deborah Sulsky

Adrian TurnerMPM SciDAC52023-07-20 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Jim BenedictLANLbenedict@lanl.govMark PetersenQBO SciDAC52023-08-03 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Rob HetlandPNNLrobert.hetland@pnnl.govDarren Engwirda (Unlicensed)
2023-08-17 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes
 Matt HoffmanLANLmhoffman@lanlo.govMark PetersenSLR SciDAC


Alan di Vittorio

LBNLavdivittorio@lbl.govClaudia TebaldiThe coupling of E3SM and GCAM

 Kristin BartonLANL, U Michiganknbarton@umich.eduMark PetersenImproving Barotropic Tide Modeling in MPAS-Ocean and Estimating Changes in Future Tides2023-12-07 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes

Proposed Presentation Dates



Title Presentation Meeting Page  Presenter Confirmed
ProposedMatt Norman

YAKL: C++ GPU Programming

to  Cancelled

 Dalei HaoSubgrid radiation parameterization in ELM2022-06-23 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Mark Taylor

E3SM Code Review and New Feature Process

2022-06-09 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Alan Di VittorioGCAM-E3SM Coupling2022-05-26 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Claudia TebaldiEstimating mean and variability of temperature and precipitation extremes from initial condition ensembles: how many members do we need2022-05-12 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Po-Lun MaEAGLES Updates2022-04-28 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)

Deep Dives

The Worleyman Goeth (part 2)

 Kai ZhangEffective radiative forcing of anthropogenic aerosols in E3SM v1 and v22022-03-31 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Jiwen FanImpact of the Predicted Particle Properties (P3) Cloud Microphysics Parameterization on Simulations of Mesoscale Convective Systems in E3SM2022-03-17 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)

Matt Norman

YAKL: C++ GPU Programming

2022-03-03 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)

Xue Zheng

The historical and future projection simulations by the global coupled E3SMv1.0 model as used in CMIP6

2022-02-17 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes


Peter Bogenschut

The Doubly Periodic SCREAM Configuration

2022-02-03 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes

 Luke Van RoekelE3SMv2 Water Cycle Model and Simulation Campaign Part 2: v2 Low resolution ocean and sea ice results2022-01-20 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Chris GolazE3SMv2 Water Cycle. Model and Simulation Campaign Part 1: overview of coupled simulations at low-resolution2021-11-18 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Sinha, EvaTowards improving crop representation in the E3SM land model2021-10-28 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Darin ComeauThe E3SM Cryosphere Simulation Campaign: Wrapping up v1 and looking towards v22021-09-30 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Manish ShrivastavaDevelopment and evaluation of complex but computationally efficient treatments of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) within the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM)2021-09-16 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Milena VenezianiAntarctic dense water formation in coastal and open-ocean polynyas in E3SM-HR2021-09-02 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Ryan Forsyth and Chris GolazRunning and Analyzing E3SM: Water Cycle Group's Approach2021-08-19 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Hui WanRevised process coupling reduces time-step sensitivities in subtropical low clouds in EAMv12021-08-05 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Jennifer Holm and Ryan KnoxELM-FATES Updates: Impacts of dynamic vegetation and plant demography in E3SM2021-07-22 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Sid BishnuTime-Stepping Methods for PDEs and Ocean Models2021-06-24 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)


Daniel Ricciuto Khachik SargsyanQuantifying and reducing uncertainty in the E3SM land model using surrogate modeling2021-05-27 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Hailong WangClimate responses to emissions reductions due to COVID-19 2021-05-13 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Sam StevensonA first look at the E3SM large ensemble2021-05-06 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Ian KraucunasOverview of COMPASS Project2021-04-01 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)

Evaluation of the Predicted Particles Properties (P3) microphysical scheme in E3SMv2

2021-03-18 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Qing Li (Unlicensed)Towards Multiscale Modeling of Ocean Surface Turbulent Mixing Using Coupled MPAS-Ocean and PALM2021-03-04 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Overview of COMPASS Project – CANCELLED2021-02-25 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes (CANCELLED)
 Zhendong Cao (Unlicensed)

A Machine Learning Approach to Extract Nutrient-Ocean State Relationship for Macroalgae Mariculture

2021-02-18 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Susannah BurrowsE3SMv1.1 Biogeochemistry simulation campaign – overview of configuration and historical simulations2021-02-04 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Hui Wan

Quantifying, attributing, and understanding time step sensitivities in the E3SMv1 atmosphere model

2021-01-21 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 Bryce Harrop

Conservation of dry air, water, and energy in CAM (and EAM) and its impact on tropical rainfall

2020-12-10 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
 LeAnn ConlonCreation of an SST variability metric for E3SM2020-10-01 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Andrew BradleyHigh-order, property-preserving semi-Lagrangian tracer transport and physics-dynamics-grid remap in EAMv22020-09-17 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Balwinder SinghIntroduction to E3SM Atmosphere Model's inbuilt debugging tools2020-09-03 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Jill Chengzhu ZhangIntroduction to E3SM-diags2020-08-20 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Xylar Asay-DavisIntroduction to MPAS-Analysis2020-08-06 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Peter Thornton High Resolution Land Model2020-07-23 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Salil MahajanClimate Reproducitibility2020-07-09 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Steven BrusWave modeling in E3SM2020-06-25 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Matt HoffmanPotential for tipping points in melting beneath Antarctic ice shelves triggered by melt from neighboring ice shelves2020-06-11 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Sarat Sreepathi Performance Analytics for Climate Experiments2020-06-04 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes


Qing ZhuRecent Developments to the E3SM fire model2020-05-14 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes(tick)
Clara OrbeModes of Variability in Six US Climate Models2020-04-30 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes


Guang Zhang
Coupling Stochastic Convection Parameterization with ZM in E3SM
2020-04-23 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes


 Peter CaldwellScream Update2020-03-26 All-Hands Presentation Meeting Notes


 Xubin ZengData analysis and modeling of land-atmosphere interactions2020-02-27 All-Hands Presentation Meeting notes(tick)
 Hyein Jeong (Unlicensed)Surface-flux driven water mass transformation analysis in E3SM simulations2019-12-19 All-Hands Presentation Meeting notes(tick)
 Kevin Rosa (Unlicensed) and Kristin Hoch (Unlicensed)Evaluation of ocean RRM for E3SMv2 and exploring the influence of mesh quality on simulation fidelity2019-10-17 All-Hands Presentation Meeting notes(tick)
 Jadwiga (Yaga) RichterQuasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) in E3SM2019-09-19 All-Hands Presentation Meeting notes(tick)
 Shaocheng XieAtmospheric Physics Developments/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/991396008(tick)
 Ice cavity ocean interactions/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/973996306


 Adrian TurnerDEMSI019-04-18 All-Hands Presentation Meeting notes(tick)
 Tian ZhouRiver processes in E3SM/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/919273513(tick)
  Lili Ju (Unlicensed), Max GunzburgerNovel Time stepping and mesh generation algorithms for E3SM./wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/907248041(tick)
 Joseph Zhang (Unlicensed)Estuary model for E3SM/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/780828856(tick)
 Xubin ZengAtmosphere-land-ocean-ice interface processes in E3SM/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/780075198(tick)
 Shanlin Wang (Unlicensed)Ocean BGC/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/730955851(tick)
 Peter BogenschutzEAM Single Column Model/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/730955851(tick)
 Gautam Bisht

VSFM hydrologic model

 Kai ZhangStudy on water conservation in EAM/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/650772749(tick)
 Chris GolazUpdate on the v1 water cycle model/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/482476129(tick)
 Andrew BradleyLEAP/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/347930961(tick)
 Po-Lun MaExploring the Full Potential of the E3SM Atmosphere Model (EAM) V1 in Simulating Clouds, Precipitation, and Feedbacks/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/347930961(tick)
 Chris GolazUpdate on the v1 water cycle model/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/184189114(tick)

System Engineering for Mission-Driven Modeling/wiki/spaces/CNCL/pages/156336220(tick)