Modifying the tests

Adding a new test to acme_developer or integration

Under most situations, tests should be added to one of the acme categories.

  1. Edit <ACME>/cime/scripts/lib/
  2. You'll see a python dict at the top of the file called TEST_SUITES, find the test category you want to change in this dict and add your testcase to the list.  Note the comment at the top of this file indicating that you add a test with this format: test>.<grid>.<compset>, and then there is a second argument for mods.

NOTE: acme_integration is a superset of acme_developer (IE, every test in acme_developer automatically goes into acme_integration as well).

Test definition modifiers

The following modifiers can be used in the test name
_CG = gregorian calendar
_D = debug
_E = esmf interfaces
_IOP*= PnetCDF IO test where * is A(atm), C(cpl), G(glc) , I(ice), L(clm), O(ocn), W(wav) or blank (all components)
_L* = set run length y, m, d, h, s, n(nsteps) plus integer (ie _Lm6 for 6 months)
_M* = set the mpilib to *, where * is default, mpi-serial, mpich, etc
_N* = set NINST_ env value to *, where * is an integer
_P* = set pecount to *, where * are specific values which include T, S, M, L, X, 1, 1x1, 16, 16x1, 4x4, etc...
_R* = PTS_MODE test case, valid values are LA, LB, OA, OB

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