Data and Analysis

All documentation concerning E3SM input and output data files, files used in analysis, all post processing procedures and software.

Data Sharing and Support Policy
E3SM output data for official simulations is publicly available through ESGF. The data has the limited Data Support Policy, see

To share the unreleased (not published to ESGF) data, the collaborators need to submit a collaboration request to the E3SM Executive Committee, see Collaboration page. 

Data Publication Process
All data from production simulation campaigns will be released to the public by being published to distributed ESGF archives.

Once the simulation campaign is completed and the overview publication from those simulations is accepted, the Group Lead of the respected simulation campaign should send request to Exec and Infrastructure leadership to publish the data with the details of the data. The Infrastructure Group is responsible for publishing the data, the Scientists running the simulations are responsible for long-term archive of the data. The E3SM project requires everyone to use zstash to long-term archive their data. After this step is completed the Infrastructure Group will publish the data to ESGF.

Data and File Format
Data and File Format should follow the general guidelines  ....   (coming soon)

Publicly Available Data on ESGF
E3SM data is available through the ESGF interface  and the details on the data there can be found at