Installing the E3SM tests

Every E3SM developer should be able to run the e3sm_developer test suite on at least one machine to which they have convenient access so that they can test their changes before submitting a pull request.

If you're not developing on a supported machine, follow the instructions in Installing E3SM on a cluster or HPC platform.  You can also use the Singularity container

Adding more restart files.

The tests needs restart files not normally used in model runs.

  1. Populate restart files in to the inputdata directory (these do not get downloaded automatically by the tools as of beta10)  
    1. cd $E3SMHOME/inputdata * svn co

Installing individual tests

  1. Once the model is installed, you can immediately run individual tests.
    1. cd $E3SMHOME/cime/scripts
    2. ./create_test ERS_D.f10_f10.ICLM45BGC

Installing test baselines with first run of a test suite.

Baselines are similar to the input data directory in that there should ideally be one of them per machine, per compiler that all the E3SM developers on that machine can read from.  There only needs to be, for example, one baseline made from E3SM v0.2 and the pgi compiler on Titan.   The data sizes  can get large because history files are kept for all components for dozens of (short) runs.  All E3SM developers on Titan can then compare against those baselines if they expect their changes to be BFB.

Baselines should be updated when an answer-changing or namelist-changing modification has been made to master.  That should be obvious to anyone following github comments but we may need another way to broadcast it.  Local developers then have to know the new path for the baseline to compare against.  All baselines have a name associated with name, so the full baseline path will be $BASELINE_ROOT/$baseline_name. The default name will be the current branch. Machines for which we maintain baselines as part of the nightly process should have up-to-date baselines for next and master branches.

The first run of acme_developer can generate baselines, all subsequent runs should compare against these baselines

  1. cd <ACME>/cime/scripts
  2. ./create_test acme_developer  -g \[ -b chg_baseline_name \] \[--wait\]
  3. cd <testroot>
  4. <E3SM>/cime/scripts/Tools/wait_for_tests */TestStatus
    1. Note: The wait_for_tests script requires a minimum python version number of 2.7.
  5. All tests should pass

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