Status of Publication to ESGF under E3SM Project


Consolidated Status Report

The Consolidated E3SM Dataset Status Report is generated by examining 5 sources of dataset status information (the Dataset_Spec, the E3SM Archives, the Data-Staging Warehouse, the Publication directories, and the ESGF Search facility.)
With our nascent warehouse state machine operating to shepherd datasets from Archive through to verified Publication, each dataset has a status file into which the history of operations conducted upon the dataset are recorded, and for which the latest status is a component guiding the state machine in conditional process sequencing. The last status from each status file is presented in columns 17 and 18 of the report. The highest version of a dataset, and the corresponding filecounts are provided in the latter columns, along with warehouse and publication datapaths, and the names of the first and last file from each dataset, according to what is found in the publication directories, or if unpublished or absent, the warehouse directories.

Note: In general, only native model-output datasets will appear in the archives (A). Derivative datasets (climos, time-series, regriddings) will not. Also, even for fully-published datasets (P,S), they may still show as resident in the warehouse (W) where residual files exist from corrective actions taken in the validation or post-processing operations.

Use the double-arrow key at the upper-left corner of the report to see and use the spreadsheet in a fuller width (setting the browser to full-screen helps as well). Use the “X” at the upper right corner to exit the Excel wide-screen mode.


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