Output Size

High Resolution


A single restart set

 105G  eam.rh0.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 101G  eam.r.0001-01-06-00000.nc
  27G  mpaso.rst.0001-01-06_00000.nc
  12G  elm.r.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 7.7G  mpascice.rst.0001-01-06_00000.nc
 4.4G  cpl.r.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 2.6G  elm.rh0.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 879M  mosart.rh0.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 459M  mosart.r.0001-01-06-00000.nc
 391M  eam.rs.0001-01-06-00000.nc
  13M  SEMapping.nc

Total size for one restart set:  261.5 GB

80-year run with one restart every 2 years:  10.5 TB

Atm history (ne120)

1 month with normal production settings.

16.5G  eam.h0
 1.8G  eam.h1
 5.2G  eam.h2
 3.0G  eam.h3
 1.5G  eam.h4

Total:  28GB

Ocn history (oRRS18to6)

1 month with normal production settings

51.4G  mpaso.hist.am.timeSeriesStatsMonthly
26.0G  mpaso.hist.am.highFrequencyOutput (size varies from month-to-month)
 0.9G  mpaso.hist.am.timeSeriesStatsMonthlyMax
 0.9G  mpaso.hist.am.timeSeriesStatsMonthlyMin
trivial:  mpaso.hist.am.globalStats, mpaso.hist.am.meridionalHeatTransport

Total.  80GB

SeaIce history (oRRS18to6)

28.0G mpascice.hist.am.timeSeriesStatsDaily 
 3.0G mpascice.hist
 1.3G mpascice.hist.am.timeSeriesStatsMonthly
 trivial:  mpascice.hist.am.regionalStatistics

Total 32.3 GB

Land history (ne120)

933 MB  elm.h0  HOWEVER 2 files per year are 1.3GB
301 MB  elm.h1

Total: 1.3GB

Mosart history files (h0 plus h1) are 1GB total per month

Total history set for 1 month:   142.6 GB

80 years with monthly output:  137 TB

Low Resolution