E3SM permanent branches

Unlike feature branches, these branches always exist in our repository.

For development on a maintenance branch, see Development Reference#Creatinganewbranch-onamaintenancebranch.  Don't start until you have approval of the branch supervisor.

BranchPurposeDevelopment requestedBranch Supervisor


The "trunk" or latest version of the model.

most development.  Part of a roadmap.  Bug fixesYour group lead.


Special branch used for testing multiple new features before merging to masterN/ADo not develop off of next.


Branch used for maintenance of v0.0. The code used by the DOE "Ultra High Resolution" project lives on this branch.none.  No longer in development.David C. Bader


Branch used for maintenance of v1.0.   The code used for CMIP6 DECK runs.

Only changes to keep the model running on edison.  Other machine updates as requested.  Some new compsets.

Chris Golaz


Branch use for maintenance of v1.1.  The codes used for v1 BGC simulations.Machine file updates for currently used machines.  Some bug fixes.   Some BGC features.Katherine Calvin (Unlicensed)
maint-1.2Branch used for maintenance of v1.2.  The codes used for v1 Cryosphere simulationsMachine file updates.  Cryosphere fixes.Stephen Price