Git Tutorial

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Teach Yourself git:

For those new to git, there is a wealth of information on the web.  

Here are a few of the E3SM Infrastructure team's favorite sites to start with:

Basic Git

Specific git features

Here are a few sites that provide information on how to properly format commit messages. This step is very important because several git commands rely on this formatting.

E3SM-related Lessons

The Interactive tutorial on branching is an excellent resource.  We have created some exercises for workflow steps seen in E3SM

Hands-on Tutorials:

These are being organized on a volunteer basis by individuals at the labs.

LANL - Doug Jacobsen (Unlicensed)


LBNL - Jeffrey Johnson (Unlicensed)  date/time/place

ANL - Jed Brown (Unlicensed)   / 3:30pm-5pm / Building 241, A323 (PDF slides)

The SE-team highly recommends using the hands-on tutorial material prepared by the Software Carpentry organization.

Miscellaneous Tips

/wiki/spaces/ATM/pages/46891612 (including solution to X11 forwarding warnings)