BER breakout talk and poster list




Wed 9/13 8:30am - 10:30am, project overview talks

Talk Title

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Talk Title

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Introduction from BER program manager


Xujing Davis

Improving the Quasi-biennial oscillation through surrogate-accelerated parameter optimization and vertical grid modification


Jim Benedict

Physical, Accurate, and Efficient Atmosphere and Surface Coupling Across Scales


Hui Wan

Improving Projections of AMOC and its Collapse Through advanced Simulations (ImPACTS)


Luke Van Roekel – Presentation given by - Alice Barthel and Krishna Narayanan

MPAS-O/ROMS Comparison, Nesting, and Coupling for Improved Representation and Parameterization of Coastal and Submesoscale Ocean Processes in E3SM


Rob Hetland

Improved Coupled Climate Simulations in E3SM Through Enhanced Sea-Ice Mechanics


Adrian Turner (LANL, for Deborah Sulsky, U. New Mexico)

Capturing the Dynamics of Compound Flooding in E3SM

Gautam Bisht

Framework for Antarctic System Science in E3SM



Matt Hoffman


Wed 9/13 late morning session, part 1- talks by representatives from FASTMath and RAPIDS2


Talk Title



Talk Title



FASTMath-BER Partnerships: Overview and Perspectives

Ann Almgren (LBNL)



RAPIDS-BER Partnerships

Shinjae Yoo (BNL)





Wed 9/13 late morning session, part 2 - open discussions on selected topics

(Approximately 20 min per topic)








Supercomputing resources and needs; anticipated landscape and utilization of GPUs; collaborations with RAPIDS2.

@Matt Hoffman


Multiscale representation as a cross-cutting technical strategy; collaborations with FASTMath.

@Hui Wan


Vision of computational climate science in 5 and 10 years, including how to foster the workforce

@Sarat Sreepathi


Poster sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. All posters will be up and available for both sessions.

  • 2-3 posters from each project (suggested topics, but not required):

    • 1 project overview poster

    • 1 poster highlighting a successful integration of BER and ASCR components of your project

    • 1 poster highlighting a successful tool, framework, or method that might be of interest to the larger BER community


  • FAnSSIE: 3 posters

    • Matt Hoffman (LANL): “Framework for Antarctic System Science in E3SM: Goals and plans”

    • Mauro Perego (SNL): “Advanced PDE-constrained optimization capability for ice sheet calibration”

    • Carolyn Begeman (LANL): “Towards marine ice-sheet evolution in E3SM: reproducible testing of new physics and uncertainty quantification”

  • PAESCAL (Lead PI: Hui Wan, Lead institution: PNNL)

    • Hui Wan (PNNL): “PAESCAL, addressing numerical challenges of process coupling in the E3SM atmosphere model”

    • Hui Wan (PNNL) / Carol Woodward (LLNL): “Towards better numerical treatment of cloud microphysics in Earth system models”

    • Chris Vogl (LLNL): “Leveraging a theoretical error analysis framework to evaluate numerical process coupling approaches in global atmosphere simulations”

  • MPAS-MPM-SI: (Lead PI: Deborah Sulsky(UNM), Title: Improved Coupled Climate Simulations in E3SM Through Enhanced Sea Ice Mechanics)

    • Kara Peterson (SNL): “Overview of MPAS-Seaice-MPM”

    • Onkar Sahni (RPI): “polyMPO: A GPU-enabled Material Point Method Library for MPAS-SeaIce”

    • Yawen Guan (CSU): “Image warping and the CIEL*Ch color map for analysis and visualization of Arctic sea ice leads”

  • RDycore: 3 posters

    • Gautam Bisht (PNNL): Capturing the Dynamics of Compound Flooding in E3SM: Project Overview

    • Gautam Bisht (PNNL): Initial Development of the Coupled E3SM-RDycore model: A Case Study of Houston Harvey Flooding

    • Matt Knepley (U. Buffalo): Model Development Workflow and Exascale Computing Strategy for RDycore

  • QBO in E3SM: 3 posters

    • James Benedict (LANL): “Improving the QBO in E3SM through parameter optimization and vertical grid modification: An overview“

    • Khachik Sargsyan (Sandia): “Uncertainty Quantification and Parameter Calibration for High-Dimensional Output Fields of Earth System Models”

    • Walter Hannah (LLNL): “Impacts of Stratospheric Vertical Grid Refinement in E3SM”

  • ImPACTS: 3 posters

    • Luke Van Roekel (LANL) : ImPACTS project overview

    • Wei Xu (BNL) – In person presenters will be Shinjae Yoo (BNL) and Han Wei Shen (OSU) – “Initial explorations in using AI analysis and Lagrangian particles for understanding AMOC”

    • Alice Barthel (LANL) and Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan (ANL): “Perturbed Parameter Ensembles of varying complexity, initial analysis and AI training.”

  • SEAHORCE: 3 posters

    • Ann Almgren (LBNL): ROMS-X, a GPU enabled version of ROMS

    • Vijay Mahadevan (ANL): Consistent coupling of MPAS-O and ROMS ocean models

    • Rob Hetland (PNNL): Systematic comparison of MPAS-O and ROMS across scales