B11: Emissions-forced simulations

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The Design Document page provides a description of the algorithms, implementation and planned testing including unit, verification, validation and performance testing. 

The Verification and Unit Testing page provides the short information and links to the tests that were performed, together with the links to the runs, their provenance and their results. The same information is called for in The Performance Assessment page and The Validation page in phase 1 of code review process. 

Dependencies Table for this feature

1.Design DocB11: Emissions-forced simulations design document
2.OwnerBryce Harrop
3.PR Ready 
4.Blocked By#
5.Affects #
PR Approved By
Date Approved
6.Issued PRhttps://github.com/E3SM-Project/E3SM/pull/3691
7.PR Assignee
10.Git Branch

Checklist for the Code Review Process for this feature

Action RequiredAssignee - Task OwnerLinkDone ?Done DateApproved?ApproverApproved DateNotes
Phase 1 - Component Level Development and Testing
Design DocumentBryce Harrop B11: Emissions-forced simulations design document




Katherine Calvin (Unlicensed) 
Verification and Unit TestsBryce Harrop (error)(error)

Performance AssessmentBryce Harrop (error)(error)

Validation TestsBryce Harrop (error)(error)

Issue Pull RequestBryce Harrop #3691(tick) (error)

PR IntegratorWuyin Lin-
integrated date----
Phase 2 - Coupled System Integration and Testing
Phase 2 Process Doc(error)(error)

Feature's Coupled Performance(error)(error)

Feature's Coupled Validation(error)(error)

Final Approval to part of ACME model