Bug/Problem Reporting

When reporting a bug or usage problem in software developed by E3SM, use this guide.

The E3SM Project develops many different pieces of software (The E3SM model, CIME, diagnostic scripts). Depending on where the bug is located, there might be a different procedure. They are all described or pointed to here.

Reporting a bug in the E3SM model source code

Any bug in the "master" branch of E3SM should be reported as follows.

You will need an E3SM github developer account.  See the first 3 steps in Development Getting Started Guide

  1. Create a new issue in https://github.com/E3SM-Project/E3SM
  2. In the issue title, briefly describe what the bug does.  Don't use the word "bug" or "error" in the title.
  3. In the body, give more detail on the bug including files involved (if known), the output of "git describe --dirty" (for bugs on master or maint) and how to reproduce the bug.
  4. Using the "Labels" menu, add the "bug" label to the issue if the bug is in master or a maint branch.  If you aren't sure, use "PotentialBug".
  5. Also add a label for what component the bug appears to be from if known (atmosphere, land, ocean, etc.).
  6. Using the "Assignee" menu, assign the bug to one of the component integrators.  The integrator will work with the group lead to find someone to fix the bug.
  7. If necessary, work with the integrator to better describe the bug or how to reproduce it.

See also:

Reporting an issue on Request Hub

Cross-group requests and (possible) bugs can be reported at /wiki/spaces/CH/overview.

Reporting a bug in UV-CDAT or diagnostic scripts.

  1. Create a new issue in https://github.com/UV-CDAT/uvcdat/issues
  2. In the issue title, briefly describe the bug or problem.
  3. Choose appropriate tags. For E3SM project related issues add label E3SM to the issue. If you are a lead or a scientist mark the priority as High or Low.
  4. In the body, give more detail including how to reproduce the bug.

Reporting a bug in the UVCDAT diagnostics package (uvcmetrics)

Follow the general UV-CDAT reporting procedures, but report issues in https://github.com/UV-CDAT/uvcmetrics/issues

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