E3SM v1 SYPD matrix

Example simulated years per day for various configurations with E3SM v1.0

Each entry in the table has:  Number of nodes/machine, pecount designation (actual SYPD).   Current and past machines are represented.

For example, if you want 10 years/day for an F-case, you could use compy and 68 nodes.  Use "–pecount L" in your create_newcase command on compy.

"def" means that its the default node count for the compset/resolution

Unless otherwise specified,  tests were done with without I/O and the default compiler and MPI library and settings are available on latest master.  Adding I/O will slow down the model.

Data was obtained from:  comments in config_pesall.xml and PRs modifying it,  pace.ornl.gov database, confluence pages.

0.5 years/day1 year/day2-3 years/day5 years/day10 years/day15 years/day20 years/day





4/cori-knl T (0.6)

21/cori-knl S (2.4)

41/cori-knl def (4.5)

23/compy def

81/cori-knl L (6)

40/anvil def (5.9)

68/compy L (13.5)

113/edison def (10.8)

77/anvil L (10.4)

152/anvil XL (16.9)

137/compy XL (24.4)



17/cori-knl T (1.1)

31/cori-knl S (1.8)

27/compy S (4.3)

40/edison S (2.1)

60/cori-knl def (2.8)

29/anvil S (2.9)

44/anvil def (4.0)

40/compy def (6.0)

133/edison def (6)

125/cori-knl L (3.6)

84/anvil L (5.4)

80/compy L (9.6)

285/edison L (10)

160/compy XL (16.1)



12/compy S (10)24/compy def (18)

37/compy L




135/compy (0.83)

162/cori-knl def (0.69)

160/anvil (0.68)

180/compy (1.15)

323/cori-knl L (1.18)

360/compy (2.02)

675/cori-knl X (1.95)

W-cycle ne120_oRRS18v3_ICG

205/compy (0.68)

825/theta (0.67)

310/compy def (1.2)